Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Monday, 15 September 2014

Nights and Mornings.......

I am noticing how the evenings are getting 'cosier' earlier now.

I am noticing how the mornings are staying darker for that little bit longer. I am making breakfast in a darker kitchen now we are firmly back into a school routine again.

I am waking up to mist and fog.......which I actually rather like. There is something rather beautiful and mysterious about fog, especially morning fog. The fog has been lifting by the time I have walked back to the house from the morning school drop off, and made way for sunshine.......which has been most welcomed.

After a rather reflective August, September has kicked off with the most almighty bang. It has been full on. Whilst I spent August thinking about all the little changes happening at once, September seems to have been quite rude, and dumped a big share of stuff to deal with at my feet. Outer families needs, mean that I am wearing a lot of hats at once. Trying to juggle it all, whilst sort out the new term with my own little brood, has meant that my crafty makes have taken a back seat.

So, it's all been a bit of a manic couple of weeks. 

Whilst always wanting to be there for others, in whatever capacity is needed from me......it's sort of been a bit like buses! So, I guess if I'm honest, there has been an ever so slight frustration to my being. Having had my crafty mojo return, I have had to leave it, and have it just stare at me. I am desperate to get my large carousel blanket finished. I was really enjoying making up those little motifs. But alas, it will have to wait just that little bit longer. It will be all the sweeter though when it finally get's done.


.....to try and balance out the craziness of these past couple of weeks, I thought I'd list a few things that I'm loving and appreciating at this moment in time......

1. The routine of the morning School walk. I am loving these morning walks. Baby Bear enjoys them. We chatter non stop all the way to school, then as soon as he's in, on pop the headphones and I power walk back home. Every day I try and get a little faster up the steep hill to get the old ticker working that little bit harder. I like the feeling of getting a bit of exercise in. I am really not a runner, but fast walking is really enjoyable I find. 

2. As I said I am loving the morning fog. Things get 'dewy' and I ADORE all the visible cobwebs in the mornings.

3. My mid morning coffee. Usually a latte. It's ALWAYS tea first thing in the morning, but by 10am I hit the frothy stuff. It's always a real joy to take the first sip.

4. One of the last roses from my garden this year. I hadn't expected any more, but the weather, still being mild, has allowed a last few to fully open. I stare at it and wonder at its 'tu-tu' like appearance. Delicate and elegant.

5. A new book. I am a sucker for cook books, especially of the baking variety.

I will also lump 'The Great British Bake Off' in with this one, as I am LOVING watching it.

6. My Dresser. It's my smile maker.

So there we go. 

It all balances out.

Have a super week all


Thursday, 11 September 2014




It really is my most favourite past time.

I find it really relaxing.

I love brights. They cheer me up no end.

I have to say, I'm not at all taken with Cath's latest Autumn Range. I'm finding it all a bit 'blah' (great for the purse strings). However, I did have a soft spot for this bright little tea cosy. The only thing to make my heart flutter. Fun and cheery at the breakfast table.

I do love pastels too....as I'm sure that you know.

They are so restful.

So I alternate.


I faff. I sort. I ponder. I soak up colour. I touch it. I smile.

It's been brights for a while, so I think soft pastels for a bit.

I find they influence what I make at any one time. The Summer Loving' Blanket was made when I was surrounded by brights, the projects after that I have favoured a softer palette.

Swings and Round-abouts.

What are your favourite colours?


Monday, 8 September 2014


Order is restored.


The Bears were MORE than ready to get back to a routine and see all their mates again. I was MORE than ready to have the house back to myself again during the day. It's hard to get anything done, when everywhere you turn, there's a teen slouching or lurking!

It's been so good to be productive, and it's also meant that I've been able to re-visit some WIP's and get a few bits finished off.

Jar Covers. I saw these on the cover of a Japanese craft book online. I don't have the book, or even remember what it was called (sorry......but I'm sure there is someone reading this who has it and can enlighten us as to exactly which book it is) but I liked the brightness of the jar covers and the cross stitching on them. They just stuck in my mind. Different sized brightly crocheted jars with embroidered flowers on the front. I thought they'd make cute little Rice DK spoon pots for my kitchen shelf. So, I saved a few little jars, faffed about on pinterest finding cute little flowers to cross stitch, and crocheted something bright and uplifting. I was so done with crocheted tealight holders, that it's taken a couple of years to begin to think about crocheting over jars again. 

Something bright though, and the spoons look at home.


Something else finished is yet another Rosa Cowl Sweater.


This is my fourth one. I think it will definitely be the last one. I was gifted some pretty soft pink yarn. I didn't really know what to do with it, but then realised it was the right weight for the sweater, and I knew I had enough. So one was whipped up.

I like it. I'll get a little use out of it in a 'summery' way for a week or two, then I'll pair it with jeans and boots for Autumn.


I'm halfway through my next blanket too. Once again it's a re-hash of another blanket made last year. Only bigger. It's going to be another Carousel blanket.

I made one last year for my new nephew here. I did love the design, and thought that I'd like to make one in the palest shades of ivory, blue, grey and pink. But, the family had other thoughts. They liked the baby ones colours so much, that they wanted one the same; only big enough so we could all scooch under it. I didn't mind too much. I have a ridiculous amount of odd yarn to use up, so that was ok.

I'm quite liking making this, it's not boring. But I'm sure I remember that it was a bum to crochet together, so I'm not looking forward to that so much.

About another 50 diamonds to go and then I'll start to put them together.

It'll be a nice one to snuggle under I think; and just in time for when the real chilly mornings and nights kick in.

It'll be time for scarves, cowls, hats and wrist warmers to be made soon too. Like I don't have enough already, but there's always room for more I say. They are always perfect, quick and satisfying projects to whip up in between blanket making (when boredom starts to kick in)!